FM 16 Webdirect Listview

Discussion created by motasea on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by James Parker

I am currently a two machine configuration of FM server 16.  I have a wildcard certificate apply to both the worker and the master.   Everything has running wonderfully but i came across an issue I am having with webdirect listview.   This behavior has only happened on webdirect.  I have about 30 solutions running on the server and all of them are experiencing similar issue with webdirect listview.


Issue:  When I go to a webdirect listview if I do any operation on the listview (sorting the list, filtering the list or simply updating the data values in the listview), the webdirect list view freezes after a few tries of sorting or filtering or manipulating the data on the listview. 


I have tried to start with a simple list view in webdirect with  just two fields and a button to sort the list and still the same isssue is happening where the page freezes and I have to logout in order to get back to the solution.  


Anyone can reproduce this on their webdirect solution or have seen this?