Filemaker 16.0.2 crash on Windows 10

Discussion created by ralvy on Aug 31, 2017
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I have a solution that includes a Starter file that loads the Main file. Though this works fine in my vmware Windows 10 VM with FMPA 16, it fails when I place it on my client's Windows 10 machine. If I run the Main file on her machine, without having the Starter file load that Main file first, it's fine. I'll attach the relevant WER file to this post.


The Starter file does very simple things before the crash:


Set Window Title [ Current Window; New Title: "WAT Starter 1" ]

Go to Layout [ “Opening Screen” (Utility) ]

Perform Script [ “User Abort” ]    <--- this just sets UserAbort ON unless the user has FullAccess.

Show/Hide Toolbars

[ Lock; Hide ]

Show All Records

Delete All Records

[ No dialog ]

New Record/Request

Commit Records/Requests

[ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ] Adjust Window

[ Resize to Fit ]

Move/Resize Window [ Current Window; Top: ( Get ( WindowDesktopHeight ) - Get ( WindowHeight ) ) / 2; Left: ( Get

( WindowDesktopWidth ) - Get ( WindowWidth ) ) / 2 ]


The crash, as far as I can tell from her machine where FilemakerPro 16.0.2 is running, occurs before the next step because the New Window ("WAT Starter") never appears. The New Window is designed to remove the Close button from the Titlebar because Filemaker 16 no longer keeps the user from closing a window with the Close button on Windows 10, even when User Abort is ON.


New Window [ Style: Document; Name: "WAT Starter"; Close: No; Minimize: No; Maximize: No; Zoom Control Area: No;

Resize: No ]

Close Window [ Name: "WAT Starter 1"; Current file ]


More steps follow, but are left out here...