Schedule referencing another item in row above

Discussion created by billowen on Aug 31, 2017
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I have a FMP solution that helps to build tours. Originally I had one table that was the days of the itinerary.


I had been using a spreadsheet to schedule what happened on days that involved planning a route, meals stops and times, and visits to sites. But the spreadsheet is kludgey because you have to make sure the formulas are referencing correctly. So I started to build a table that tracked the components of the days' schedule and realized that my limited FMP knowledge has run into a problem that is fairly easy in spreadsheet—referencing a field in the row above it.


What makes this a bit more complicated is that a days schedule sometimes needs to be reversed so that we can have lunch at the right time or get into a site before it closes or it opens too late otherwise. That's where the spreadsheet is kludgey again because you have to start cutting and pasting in a different order and since some of the fields are formulas and some are entered data, it's easy to goof it up.


So my thought with the table, is to enter sort numbers sufficiently broad (like 10, 20, 30 etc.) so that if what is now 30 needs to be moved to the first position, you can enter 5 instead of 30 and FMP wlll auto re-sort. Of if betwen 10 & 20, change 30 to 15 etc.


Anyway, the problem is referencing a row above itself to find its end time, and then show that as the start time for this row.


I have provided a picture that perhaps is clearer what the components I envision. Of course you may have a more elegant solution! Thanks!




PS Maybe it helps to see what the spreadsheet looks like now (doesn't show End Time but I think it probably should):