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Corrupted table when exporting in FileMakerPro 15

Question asked by cbarbal on Sep 1, 2017
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FileMaker Pro Advanced v15.0.2.220 - Export table corrupted

FileMakerPro v16.0.2.205 - Export table OK

MacBook Pro with 16 Gb, v10.12.6.


Started in Corrupted table when exporting in v15 not in v16. Following the suggestion of gdurniak I put it in this forum.


I am making an application with Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 with some data that has been imported from Excel. As I am doing the tests I have created a script of Export, Delete and Import, to keep the original data.


There are 14 tables, all are exported well except the "Responsables" table. The structure is corrupted and exports only 269 records of the original 393. I have recovered the database, it does not give an error, but it still does not work.


It occurred to me to export the same table with FileMaker Pro 16 and export it correctly with the original 393 records. Is there anyone who has happened?


I do not know if it is a specific problem of version 15 or if the structure is damaged, although apparently does not give error when recovering. There are attachments in the initial post.


I can send the file, if required by technical support.


Thanks for your help,