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Add an independent (single) amount to a List total

Question asked by user28271 on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by DanielShanahan

Can't seem to figure out that feels like a simple request by a client.


They have a table for Purchase Request with one numerical field for Amount.


When in list view next to the Total (summary of amounts) they want to be able to enter a manual amount to be added to the total.


This amount need to stay as part of that list regardless of whatever the current found records are.


Therefore it can't be part of any one record.


They want this amount to be visible to all users and remain indefinitely


Therefore it can't be a global field.


If I link another table just to hold this one number it will be linked to all records, I only want it once.


The only though which feel a little ridicules would be to let it link to all fields, but divide it by the current found count so the summary will be right.


Any better thoughts would be appreciated.