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Problem with "larger than" calculation - Part 2

Question asked by on Sep 1, 2017
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I have now been playing around with this problem for a bit more than a week.


I have found out that when I enter a field and then set a variable to the fields height the set var step will record the height as it was before I entered a field unless I add a pause before the set var step.


I have also found out that  setting number variables and then use them in comparisons $j  > $k may work at first but then it stops working and won't start working again until I change the comparison to  getasnumber ($j) > getasnumber ($k)


I've tried this on several machines over here and it seems to be the same on them all.

I've tried this on Mac-OS and Windows


I have included a demo file with two scripts. The script ending in the number 1 works while the script ending in the number 2 doesn't

I tried adding the file to this message but couldn't figure out how to do it so I placed it under the heading VarTester_2.fmp12


I would like to know if anyone besides me experiences the same problems as I have described.