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Fiscal Printers

Question asked by vimo1977 on Sep 1, 2017
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Dear all,


I am working on a restaurant software and I am stuck on fiscal printer interaction from FM15 as I never went through this issue before. Does anyone have any experience on that or can sugget documentation to read to get knowledge on this issue? How does FM solution send information to fiscal printer? At the moment I don't have a fiscal printer to be connected to FM solution and I cannot make any attempt to lean. I would prefer to eventually buy one once I will have gained some knowledge on it.


Second question: If I have a central MAC Desktop as cash register and as hub for the solution, will it work fluently when waiters will be using the solution also through 3-4 Ipads with filemaker go or that is too hazardous? Would I need Filemaker server anyway or I can make it without?


Thank you so much to whom will answer my questions. I really appreciate.