Dwindling value list with Master-Detail

Discussion created by laguna92651 on Sep 2, 2017
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I have implemented a Master-Detail app that has three portals on an account layout

     Portal 1 - List of all contacts for the account

     Portal 2 - List of all sales opportunities for the account.

     Portal 3 - And a sub set of contacts for a given opportunity, this portal allows one to select contacts for the specific opportunity from all of the contacts for the account, using a dwindling value list, TO9c1.


All works fine, my question relates to the dwindling value list, TO9c1, used on the contacts field in TOa1, portal 3.

I have a List Selected Contacts field in the Opportunity table. The List Selected Contacts field is populated with a OnModify script trigger when the contact is selected on the TOa1.

The value list is defined by TO9c1, the relating fields are:

TO9c::ID_Account = TO9c1::id_account

TO9cList_Selected_Contacts not = TO9c1::ID_Records

I would have thought I would have had to also include a relationship like this to select the target opportunity. Doesn’t work if I have the 3rd relationship, works if I remove it?

TO9c::ID_Opportunity = TO9c1g_selected_id_opportunity

Does the Master-Detail model in some way effectively create this relationship? I haven’t had a chance to fully test out the dwindling value list yet, but it seems to be working without the relationship to select the specific opportunity. Is this going to break down the road?