Is there a way with filemaker xml to pass multiple variables?

Discussion created by cbuck on Sep 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2017 by beverly

I am trying to integrate a service that works with zapier and get that data into filemaker. Looking for easiest way to do. So far it looks like Filemaker XML is the way to go. But is there a way to get multiple values in via a command as follows &-lay=departments&-script=myscript&-script.param=Smith%7CChatterjee%7CSu &-findall


I guess with script.param whats the best way to pass multiple values and then parse these within the script. My understanding is you can only have one string with the XML. If so to make this work to say pass firstname= lastname= from zapier I will need to pass in the script.param string and then parse?