In a sub-summary part, how to copy data from the previous month into the current month?

Discussion created by springer01 on Sep 4, 2017
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I have a Table for my checking acc't and a sub-summary Part which summarizes records by each Month and I need to bring forward data from the previous month:  (ps: don't have 2016 data except Dec's End Bal = 14,694.33)


Beginning Balance:           (Ending Balance from the previous Month)

Credits:                             (Deposits)

Debits:                               (Transfers out)    

Ending Balance:                (Current Month's Balance)    


I have the flwg Fields associated with the preceding needs:

n_start_bal                                      Number      Auto-enter Data (Starting Bal 14,694.33)

c_balance                                       Calculate    n_start_bal + n_credit + n_debit    

s_running_total                               Summary   Tot of c_balance (running w/ restart), sorted by Bank::cDateSort

c_start_bal_less_s_run_tot            Calc           Unstored, = n_start_bal - s_running _total (Running Balance

cMonthSort                                     Calc           Let ( [ dt = ( d_date) ;       

                                                                                  dy = Day  ( dt ) ;         

                                                                                 m = Month ( dt ) ] ;

                                                                                 Date ( m - ( dy < 0 ) ; 1 ;

                                                                                 Year ( d_date ) )

                                                                                   ) // let


All are successful except retrieving the prior Month's 'Ending Balance'.

I've made attempts with several Functions, e. g., Case,  ExecuteSQL, GetSummary, If, Let, to no avail. I get error-msgs about missing Operators, etc. I tried modifying philmodjunk"s successful cMonthSort to access prior Month's data, but get errors I don't know how to correct.


How can I bring forward the prior Month's 'Ending Balance' Field and have it entered in the current Month's 'Beginning Balance' Field?