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Master and Sub Jobs

Question asked by jbc on Sep 3, 2017

Hi All


We are building a custom job management system which entails a movement of a pipeline/inquiry as an initial step through to a pending sample or live production.


The same job number carries from start to finish and holds key info as it moves along. I've worked out secondary tables to add more info and details as it moves along. Sorting records to display as pending or so on.


When a job is in pending sample or live production can have many suppliers or products, which have created seperate tables for.


However I'm running into an issue when it comes to the SubJob side of things.


Once into pending or live production there is typically subjobs off the master job, but some jobs don't have subjobs. I've worked out how to creat subjobs serials with a JXX-A or so on, in a seperate table linking to the main job table, however for the life of me cannot work out some parts.


The master job number id, linked to various tables, runs off a sequential unit serial. a SubJob table has a different one then a calc and alpha and display name to get the j-xxA or so on.


On one view/layout need a list of all jobs including subjobs. and displaying master job number if no subjob.



J01-A Master Job Name Subjob Name, due date, etc, etc

J01-B Master Job Name SubJob Name, etc, etc

J02 Master Job Name, etc, etc

J03 Master Job Name, etc, etc

J04-B Master Job Name, etc, etc


Has anyone any idea or recommendation for this view. Would be under a menu option for user as Live Jobs, and need to show it all instead of master Jobs only or subjobs only. clicking on these goes to record.


Needs a different TO or adjusting how has been setup?


Thanks in advance, and apologies ahead, whilst technical knowledge newbies for this to get a program to our exact requirements and first time Filemaker.