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Important script needs to run by Monday...

Question asked by mz5005 on Sep 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by mz5005

This needs to run tomorrow for something important...but it still doesn't.

I posted this before. One problem was solved by philmodjunk, but it turns out there is another problem now.

This is about updating our business contacts. Of course we register from which employee a contact is.


There are two tables: temporary (external) contact-data in TempInfo and the master table AllContacts. TempInfo needs to be compared with AllContacts. There are 3 possible scenario's (called status in scripts):

1. Contact is known and from same Account(=employee)

2. Contact is known already but different Account

3. Contact is new


The problem is with status 3. For every record there is a new record made (so the script reaches the correct part of the loop/if/else - but no data is being filled (also not the two fields Account and Email from the main script.


Main script and subscript attached as well as screenshots of tables and relationship diagram.


Staring at it for ages already.. your help greatly appreciated!