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how to fill area only between two Y series in an area chart

Question asked by RazvanPopKun on Sep 5, 2017


     Is it possible using Filemaker Charts to fill out only the area between the points of two Y series instead of filling the area from 0 on Y axis and the points on each Y series?  I'm trying to replicate a functionality from a website for representing different values recorded in a periodontal exam(see atached pictures) by drawing lines between the normal value(0) and the recorded value.

     The first part, representing the RED line between the normal and recorded value was easy enough to do. I created a line chart, and set up the X series as a list of 24 points that would be the 24 values from the row labeled as Margine Gingivala (MG) in the interface(List(1;2;3;...;24)) and a Y series that would plot the values recorded in that row List(MG1*(-1);MG2*(-1);MG3*(-1);....MG24*(-1)). In order to invert the graph i had to multiply each value by (-1).

     Unfortunately for the second part i hid a roadblock. Values from the second row, labeled as Adancime la Sondare (AS) should be represented on the chart as an area filled from a point MGk in the first Y series and a point ASk from the second Y series. I put an area chart over the first one with a Y series that looks like this List(AS1*(-1);AS2*(-1);AS3*(-1);....AS24*(-1)).The problem is that I need it to fill out the area between MGk and ASk not the whole area from 0 to ASk. Is there any solution to achieve this that I am missing?  Is there a plugin capable of doing this? I applied a third area chart over that would fill out the area between 0 and MGk axis, thus covering the part that should not be filled. The problem is that it also covers the background image, something that i don't want.

   I know the layout still needs some work, especially the back ground picture which is temporary and not at scale, i just want to figure out beforehand a solution to the chart problem.