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Skip Load Screen on 'Insert File'

Question asked by craig157 on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by HammerOz

Hi All,


Trying to create a script that can select a file from the designated file path and then follow the next script.

Main problem I am having is that whatever I do; I always get the 'Insert File Loading Screen' where I have to select the file.


Now these files will always have a different name, but once they get selected my script parses the file name to Set the Fields depending on the information in the title.


Would anyone be able to advise a way to bypass this Insert File Screen?


Current Script:

Set Error Capture [On]

Go To Layout ["DocumentLoad" (Containers)]

New Record / Request

Set Variable [$file; Value: Get (TemporaryPath) & "FolderName"]

Insert File [Containers::ContainerFile; "$file"]


Then it just does that Parse file name etc.

We will not be using Plug-Ins regardless of if they are free


Thank you