WebDirect and IE11

Discussion created by user24968 on Sep 6, 2017
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Hello all,


Has anyone else noticed a massive performance difference with WebDirect on IE 11 versus either Chrome (on Windows or Mac) and Safari?


We have a handful of apps that most users access via FMP, but with a few users accessing (mainly for data entry) over WebDirect. 95%+ of our users are on Windows 7 with IE11, and before anyone asks, using a different browser is not an option for the vast majority of them.


The apps perform well on Chrome and Safari, but even simple things like clicking on a popover button in IE sometimes takes 2 or 3 clicks to register, or the popover has a delay before it appears. One of the more complex apps has a set of tabs, each with it's own portal, and moving between these in Chrome is a bit slower than FMP but usable, whereas it's almost unusable in IE11.


Anyone have any IE success stories? There's lots of factors at play here for us - it could be the corporate software load, antivirus software, anything. But the difference between IE11 and the other browsers is staggering.


Server is FMS16, on a virtual server that meets all FMI requirements. The other server for the more simple app is FMS15, separate worker machine.


Cheers all.