Many relationships in a portal?

Discussion created by druide on Sep 5, 2017
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I have the following schema:


User -> 1:N -> Phone -> N:1 -> Phone_Type


Phone_Type is a list of values, so that we don't store the phone type (home, cell, etc.) inside the Phone table. In a User layout, I added a portal to list phone numbers from the Phone table, and in the portal, I display the phone number and the extension from the Phone table, and the phone type (as a dropdown)coming from the Phone_type table.


Problem is: if I create two phone records and I select the phone type, the two phone types change at the same time when I only try to change the type of only one phone record. Not only that, but it actually change the value in Phone_Type instead of changing the id of the relationship!


I see that adding a portal inside another portal doesn't work, so any other tricks beside creating a Phone_type portal next to the Phone portal?


BTW, the reason we don't store the phone type as a string directly into the Phone table is that we use ESS and we want a clean design for both FileMaker and our Web stuff.