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Recipe/Entertaining Database

Question asked by xtianseel on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by JimmyCox

I've built a few fairly simple DB's - 2 or 3 tables, moderate scripting - but would consider myself a beginner. I have a more ambitious and complicated plan, but not sure how to implement it. My wife and I love to entertain and cook. I want to build a DB to contain the events with lists of guests, menus, recipes and allergies/restrictions.


My thought was to have a layout for events that would have a portal, "guest list" and a portal "menu" that would have dishes and guests referenced from separate tables. The layout for guests would have portals displaying "allergies/restrictions" as well as a list of events they've attended. A menu layout could include potential allergies/restrictions in a portal etc.


Right now I have this set up with the following tables:









I'm not sure how to establish the relationships to make these connections work. Any help appreciated.