Inconsistent portals and inconsistent dynamic values list fmp 15 and 16

Discussion created by user29313 on Sep 6, 2017

Dear people from the filemaker community


I got a huge problem since we installed the filemaker pro 15 clients and afterwards 16 in our informatics environment the portals and dynamic values list became so inconsistent. This problem drives me really crazy because it is the first time for me, when filemaker became unreliable. So, what is my problem: We got several permissions in our filemaker solutions, so some people are just allowed to see certain records. The permissions which are restricted have huge problems with inconsistent portals and inconsistent dynamic values. Once filemaker shows like 4 records in a portal, 2 minutes later the portal shows like 8 records, it changes all the time and with the dynamic values list is it the same it is really weird. Before we had filemaker pro 14 installed and I’m still testing it with filemaker 14 we absolutely have no problems, the filemaker client shows all the time the correct records. This problems relays from my point of view to the filemaker pro and advanced clients 15 and 16, because the versions change of the filemaker server didn’t changed something. But for us it is not a solution to go back to FileMaker 14 because we rent FileMaker and want to use the new options from filemaker.


Our system where the clients are installed:

- Windows Server2012 R2 Standard with all updates (64bit)

- It is a Citrix-Remote Desktop Solutions (Terminal Server)

- filemaker pro 32 bit and


Here I show you some pictures and more problems with the portals:


In this portal filemaker show on several records "no access" but it just should show the records with permission.


Please does any one have any idea where our problem caused from? Do you had the same? What could be a solution?

Thank you very much for your help, it is really appreciated, because like this the solution i quit useless. Best regards Tobi