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Security glitches

Question asked by BillCollins on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by gdurniak

Have experienced security system glitches in 2 different remote hosted databases.


In one case, 2 users with the same privilege set got warnings that their privilege set did not allow a certain operation, but then did actually perform the operation. The operation was in fact set up to be allowed by the privilege set. I created new users for them on the same privilege set and the problem did not reappear. I also downloaded the database, ran Consistency Check and File Recover on it, made a compacted copy, and uploaded that to the server. The Consistency Check and File Recover did not discover any problems.


In the other case, one privilege set showed a problem in that it would not allow me to define a calculation that should have been straightforward, to limit access to a certain table. I created a new version of that privilege set, and it worked fine. I gave the affected users new accounts for the new privilege set, got them signed on with the new accounts, and then deleted the old defective privilege set. I also downloaded a copy of the database from the remote server and ran consistency check and file recover on it without detecting any problems.


These are .fmp12 database on a server running FMS 14. I am using FMP 16 Adv to work on the databases.


Any ideas what might be behind these glitches, or anything else to do to prevent recurrence?