Copying data from portal records (same field) with dynamic variables

Discussion created by davehenning on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by ninja

I'm trying to copy data from a single field in a portal (all records shown) to fields in a print layout.



  • Clients = The table with the data
  • Prep = The table that the print layout is based on.


My thought process was to set variables for each portal record in clients, then use those variables in the print layout. But I can't figure out how to dynamically name them.


Here's what I have:


Go to Object [Object Name: "ClientPortal"]

Set Variable [$totalRecords; Value: Clients::s_ClientCount]

Set Variable [$seq; Value: 1]

Go to Portal Row [Select:Off; First]


.. Set Variable [$clientx; Value: Clients:Name]

.. Go to Portal Row [Select:On; Next; Exit after Last:On]

.. Set Variable [$seq; Value: $seq + 1]

.. Exit Loop If [$seq > $totalRecords]

End Loop



What I can't get working is how to just set the $client variable to be something like $client1, $client2, $client3, etc. One per record in the portal. That way I'd end up with a $clientx variable for each client to then set into the print layout.


Thanks in advance.