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FMP 11 and FMP 16 treat fonts differently

Question asked by dysartj on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by dysartj


I have a database that successfully imports data from a tab delimited file in Mac(Roman). The file includes names with French accents.


Since I upgraded the file to FMP 16, I am getting errors in fonts for French accents when importing


A workaround is to import into the FMP 11 file, then upgrade it to FMP 16 prior to using it with other FMP 16 files. This file is used several times per day, so the workaround is problematic.


Does anyone know what the difference in font handling is in the import structure of 11 vs 16? If so, is there a way to alter FMP 16 processing?


Accents have been an ongoing problem over the years as upgrades have been introduced.