FileMaker push for ‘citizen’ developers

Discussion created by user27280 on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by steveromig

Now this may sound a little elitist but I have concerns over the direction FileMaker appear to be moving ie the current push for users to become solutions developers in their organisations.  I am all for empowering employees and for a select few this approach may well work well but having worked in IT for the past 27 years(gulp!) I am skeptical this push will be effective.


My concerns are that this may actually backfire - if the business invests in the infrastructure to empower these power users and the solutions they develop are poorly executed then this would expose both them and FileMaker to criticism.  You only have to read the forums on a daily basis to see the level of knowledge many of these citizen developers have in relation to database design, logic and technology in general.


What these employees have is actually the key understanding of the business processes that is vital to a successful solution - I just wonder if they would be better placed to work with established developers to make that come to life?


any thoughts?