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How do you refer to functions whose names are arguments to other functions?

Question asked by RolfNoyer on Sep 7, 2017
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Hi everyone,


This is either a really easy question or a hard question and I am not sure which!


I want to write a custom function — let’s call it _foobar_ —  that takes as one of its arguments another function — let’s call that one _varfunc_.


So _foobar_ needs to call the function whose name is the value of the variable _varfunc_.


My understanding is that this type of function is referred to as a “higher-order” function. I understand the concept but not how to do it in FileMaker.


To take a trivial but concrete example, suppose I want to write a custom function that takes as an argument either the function “Lower” or the function “Upper”, and applies that function to _text_.  If the only conceivable values for _varfunc_ are "Upper" and "Lower" then I simply write


foobar (text; varfunc) =

Case (varfunc = "Lower";

          Lower (text) ;

          Upper (text))


But in the case I am concerned with I don’t want to have to limit the range of possible values for _varfunc_; I want it to be the case that, whatever _varfunc_ is,  foobar (text; varfunc) returns the result of applying the function whose name is passed as the argument _varfunc_ to be applied to _text_. (Obviously the real examples that I am dealing with in my application are more complex, but this is the general problem).


So in principle I would expect something like


foobar (text; varfunc) =

VARFUNC (text)


where by "VARFUNC" I want the value of _varfunc_ treated as a function name.


I thought using the Evaluate function might work but I don’t know how; I tried various options with quotation marks and so forth but it did not work out in an obvious way for me.


It seems like the answer ought to be either: do this little thing and it will work fine, or no, you can’t do that with FileMaker at all.


Please advise!

Thank you!!