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Problem with 'running balance' Calculation.

Question asked by springer01 on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by springer01

n my VISA acc't I've a problem with my 'running_balance' Field in that the data are correct up to the last entry for the Month of January. Flwg is a shot of the records and the Sub-summary Field for January:

Note that the arithmetic for the 'Run. Bal.' is correct until the 02/02/07 Record, when (277.80) less (5.43) yields 524.85; incomprehensible!!  The Starting Bal for the Month of January is (807.88), Payments & Credits 807.88, and the Purchases & Other Charges (283.23) and all of the calculations up 'til the last record (above) are accurate. That erroneous balance is carried fwd to the starting value for February and thereafter.


The equations I'm using are identical to those in my Checking Acc't and there are no errors in that Table and Fields or calculation of the s_running_total for all of the months of this year-to-date. Here are those equations:


c_balance     Calculation     = n_start_bal + n_credit + n_debit  (Storage = Indexing None; Auto. create indexes, etc.)

s_running_total   Summary  = Total of c_balance (running)


I've tried many variations of those equations with no success. Any help will be appreciated.