Recommendation for UK Excel Person

Discussion created by ChrisVanBuren on Sep 8, 2017
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I am going to be doing a mini project with FileMaker where an excel sheet is going to be distributed to bidders for some work.  My plan is to then import the data from completed spreadsheets into FileMaker using Scribe (360 Works). 


The Excel sheets aren't going to be the most complex Excel ever but there are some special things.  So, we feel we need an experienced Excel person to take care of that. 


So, we are looking for recommendations for an Excel consultant who might be able to help us out.

Ideal person is:
-Based, like us, in the UK.  US is OK though.
-Able to stick around for bits and pieces as we go along over the coming months (and maybe years).  The project is very much a developing thing. 


THANKS for any recommendations.


- Chris


P.S. Thought I would post here instead of on an Excel forum as FM folks are such nice honest people that I know I'll get a good recommendation for somebody :-)  If nothing comes of it, I will then go and post on an Excel forum. 


P.P.S. Yes, it does need to be Excel.  It is what the bidders expect to receive and really we can't change that.