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Hidden Summary Field still being calculated on FM Go

Question asked by aleksandre on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by philmodjunk



First, I'm using the latest versions of FM Go 16 and FM Advanced 16, devices are iPad Pro 9.7" (latest iOS) and 15" MacBook Pro (latest MacOS)


I have hidden summary fields (based on which users are logged in) that work well on the Mac version of FileMaker but it's giving me issues on FM Go. I basically set a Global Variable to "hide" when a specific user group logs in (it's part of my launch script). As expected, on the Mac, when the user goes to this layout, the layout loads instantly and the summary fields are hidden. When I do the same thing with FM Go on my iPad (same layout, same user...) it forces the Summary fields to be calculated, however, the fields are in fact hidden once the calculation is done. Because of the nature of this calculation, it's extremely slow to summarize (hence I why I hide it for this user group).


So, why would a hidden field work fine and not summarize when hidden on the Mac version but on iPad with the same layout and user it summarizes (very slowly) even if the fields are in fact hidden even after it summarizes.


Thanks for any suggestions or tips.