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report page numbering not working

Question asked by yohanna on Sep 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2017 by yohanna

I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 16 on Windows 10 Pro.  I'm appending 3 separate reports into one pdf file.  I am trying to set up the page numbers to be correct on the finished, appended pdf file.  I'm using a global field (Global_Page_Number) which is placed on the footer of each report layout.  Based on researching other posts, in the scripts to run each report I have the following code:

enter preview mode

set field (Global_Page_Number) as $$lastPageNumber + Get(PageNumber)

save records as pdf, append

go to record/request/page last

set variable ($$lastPageNumber) as $$lastPageNumber + Get(PageNumber)


It calculates the starting page number for the next report correctly, but if the report has more than one page, it doesn't increment the page number.

Here's an example of the output:

Report 1 (contains one page) = pg 1

Report 2 (contains two pages) = pg 2 (1st page) and pg 2 (2nd page)

Report 3 (contains one page) = pg 4


Any help would be appreciated, thanks...