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Using dropbox for Travel Purposes?

Question asked by dr_john on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by dr_john

I believe I'm supposed to be able to upload my FM files to Dropbox, and then use my Mac or PC to access those files. I tried this a couple years ago and it kept leaving File 1 and File 2 that weren't synched and it was a mini-nightmare. Is it still a mini-nightmare, or if one is careful does this work? (an ad hoc ability that no one from FM would recommend from a lot of povs.


This would be great for me it it worked, as I'm going to be traveling various places where laptops are stolen, so I want to be able to access my files, w/o them being on the hard drive.


Maybe I was doing it incorrectly. I have the following questions for those who have done this. This is how I understand it.


1)  If I click on the files uploaded to the dropbox folder, it's going to download to my mac or pc, and then I'm going to work on that, saving data, and then it will synch automatically?  Is this correct?


2) And if I close FM on either platform, the files will then be fully updated on Dropbox?  but remain on my computer?


3) But don't try to access the files from both platforms at the same time.


4) Does this work better on a Mac or PC or the same? I have both options.


5) A wrinkle is that these files are old school separate files that link to each other externally. Does that mess things up, or is it still supposed to  okay.


I'd like to practice this before I travel, so I appreciate the advice of those in the know,