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Classic Theme: Just Deprecated or Potential Future Corruption

Question asked by jnicoletti on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by serval

Hi All,


I do my fair share of conversions from older versions of FileMaker to the latest version. As 16 has been released that is obviously now the target version, however my current project has revealed a problem that I haven't yet experienced. In this project, I ran a recovery in FMPA 16 on the files after conversion to the fmp12 format, and received the 8476 error code in regards to the classic theme. Given the gravity of corruption, this is certainly not something I want to take lightly (as the warning dialog reiterates) and the users have already experienced strange behaviors when testing. However, after calling FileMaker to discuss this issue, I have been encouraged to change every layout using these themes to a new theme or at minimum, the minimalist theme, because leaving the deprecated theme(s) will lead to corruption. Further, I have been discouraged from copying all my layout objects and pasting them into a new themed layout as they may carry some remnants of the deprecated theme.


While my general rule of thumb is to trust FileMaker on these issue, this seems like a giant issue that I haven't found any coverage on although it would effect a multitude of databases. In my case, were looking at 700+ layouts that need to be changed and done so without copy and paste. This is a giant undertaking that greatly inflates any upgrade project and may discourage people from upgrading from older solutions if this is truly a necessary change. So two questions: 1) will the classic theme (and other deprecated themes) really lead to corruption? and Has anyone else experienced this? 2) Does copying and pasting an object really carry some sort of theme level settings on that object?