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Web Publishing Engine Quits - How to troubleshoot?

Question asked by dvaklyes on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by mikebeargie

My problem:

The web publishing engine on my FMS instance feeding my web server on a different machine quits once every day or so. This has been a problem for several versions of FMS on different OS versions and hardware versions. 


Going into the admin console and turning the WPE back on seems to work, BUT the web server won't reconnect. Rebooting both servers AND running Edit deployment... on the FMS server (changing nothing) does get the web site back up.  (On earlier incarnations just restarting the WPE worked.)


My Hardware/Software:

My FMS Server: macOS 10.11.5 on a MacPro (Mid 2010) 2x6 Core 3.46 Xeon, 48 GB RAM.

FileMaker Server running on a 500 GB SATA SSD, 300 GB free

Configured in single machine mode, but the actually web site runs on a second MacPro.


Upgrades to the latest FMS 15 and macOS 10.11 do not affect this behavior and cause some other unrelated issues. This configuration works works fine EXCEPT for the web publishing engine quitting for no easily discernible reason.


What I've done:

There is nothing relevant in the FileMaker server logs that I can see. The only indication that the WPE has quit is that the errors thrown by Go To Next Record, Exit After Last, stop appearing. (And why does a script step which performs as designed throw an error in the logs?? - but that is another discussion.)


And nothing that I can find is the OS system logs that gives me a clue.


My questions:

So I really have two questions.

The first is does anyone know what COULD cause the WPE to quit?

The second is where and what can I look for clues in the logs,  which don't seem to have anything relevant.