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Partial file logging problem

Question asked by poivre on Sep 12, 2017
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I have a lot of difficulty with the new FileMaker 16 and the connection (no problem with FileMaker 14). Sometimes when I run a script, FileMaker ask me to reconnect on some file (my database have multiple files) with a logging window. I write my user and password and click connect and it doesn't work. The window comes again and ask me again in a loop. And if I say "cancel" the script continue and make errors in my script (like didn't make the search because it not access the file and change value on every record instead of the one he was supposed to search). That makes a lot of problems. The best way I found to don't have the problem of rewriting/erase on my field is to force FileMaker to quit when it happens. Most of the time, when I reopen the file it is working. It happens randomly.

I know I can pass the one thousand scripts I did in the 15 years of work in this database to change and every search verify if the connection to the file work before change it but it's really a hard and long work. It's really frustrating to have this when everything going well on FileMaker 14.


Can someone can help me? I think I will just come back to FileMaker 14...