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Question asked by vsabula on Sep 12, 2017
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We have not started using FileMaker 16 yet, but we did notice that Windows support for SDI is now the norm. We have become really accustomed to MDI. So, we have a web page type database. Picture a single parent window with multiple databases open that are accessible from buttons in the header of each database. When you want to minimize the database, you minimize the single parent/application window. When you want to switch between let's say the "HOME" database and the "REPORTS" database, you just click on the button in the header to pull up that specific database. Again all within the parent window. Now with SDI, each database is open in a separate window. We can still use the buttons in the header of each database to navigate. When it's time to minimize, each one must be done individually.


Is there anyway to simulate this type of MDI interface using SDI?


Thank you!