fmsadmin list clients -s

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Sep 12, 2017
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Has Anyone else noticed that if you run this command, that if the "User Name" or "Computer Name" fields have an apostrophe in them, that everything to the right from the "Ext Privileges" column is not aligned vertically in the returned array and is off by the number of apostrophes.  What makes this particularly annoying is that the Apple Mac OS tends to name things like "John's McBook Pro" or other such things with an apostrophe in them.


This becomes bothersome when having to parse out the array when the columns don't align properly.  It would be nice if whoever wrote this function would fix it so that apostrophe's don't throw off the report column alignments.


PS:  FYI my non-elegant solution is to:


     Let ( [


     F1 = $Array ;

     F2 = Substitute ( F1 ; "’" ; "’ " )


     ] ; F2 )