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Change many-to-many --> one-to-one

Question asked by roryduffy on Sep 13, 2017
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I hope you're well.


I'm trying to get my portal child records to reference a field in the current parent record.


In my home table, I've got a text field called "Destination". Then in my child records, I've got a calculation field called "Destination_Calc", which should reference the "Destination" field from within a portal. However, this constantly only references the first of my home table records (where "Destination" = Aberdeen, which is the 1st one in the alphabet), no matter which Destination I'm currently viewing.


Ideally, I'd like the calculation field "Destination_Calc" to update in the portal and match whatever is in the "Destination" field as I scroll through the home records.


I know that this is because it's currently set up as a many-to-many relationship.


Is it possible to change this relationship to a one-to-many relationship? If so, how?\


In the attached 'Browse Mode' screenshot you'll see that the child Destination_Calc field is still saying "Aberdeen" even though I'm on a record with the Destination "Wrexham". (the 'Layout Mode' screenshot shows the names of the fields; my match field is called ID_0053)


Apologies if this is answered elsewhere; I did scour many of the existing posts concerning types of relationship, but was unable to find an answer that suited me. I've been trying 100s of different TO setups over last couple of days but have thus far had no luck (it may be because I'm trying to create a circular and I'm misunderstanding the geometrics, or need to use a self-join, but I'm struggling to find a setup that works).


Many thanks!!