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Using Summary or Calculation fields from related table for Further Calculations.

Question asked by luffyfilemaker007 on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by wimdecorte

Hello everyone,


I have a basic Invoice Layout based on “Invoice” table. With a portal to “Items” table and a Summary field (from the Items table)  that gives the Total of each Items Sold under that portal. 

Now I would like to make basic calculation using that Summary field. But I can’t seem to make it properly. The only way I found is to create a second field and set up a script to get the value of the Summary Field  to start any calculation. But this doesn’t feel natural and I feel is open to many mistakes in the future.


If discovered I could also create a Calculation field in the "Invoice" table that sums up the Items for each Invoice. This does give the good result but I cant seem to use this field for further calculation either. Does it has to do with the fact that filemaker doesnt allow storage of the data because it references a related table?


Is there some basic concept that I don’t have ?

Looking forward to your help.