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FM Server useful in our doctors´ office?

Question asked by abermann on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by beverly

Dear members of this forum,

I developed a Filemaker app for my doctor´s office which is now also used by the 4 colleagues in my office: each one has his own license / database and each one is working together with our secretary (she opens remote each database). We hardly do home visits, but sometimes we need the database at home to look something up or change something in it. That works pretty well, but I now ask myself if FIlemaker Server would bring us advantages as compared to the present solution.

I would be glad to hear your ideas to this question.


Best regards from Austria



We are working some of us on Filemaker 15, some on Filemaker 12; the secretary has both installed and works on both depending on which database she opens remote. 4 of us work on PC (Windows 7+10 I think); the secretary and me work on Mac OS Sierra.