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Learning to Custom Web Publish!

Question asked by itsrayland on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by Todd Geist

Welp! the day is finally here... Do I really have to learn PHP AND JavaScript to build a web facing frontend on a Filemaker DB?  Let's say for my Real Estate customer, I want to have the listings on Filemaker Server of course... and publish the active listings on their website. I need to pull in text, images, etc. as well as a click a button to request a callback all while logging website usage with Google Analytics. I am currently using WebDirect but thats not a real solution as you all know.


We all love the advice given by beverly and bigtom and I would appreciate your thoughts.


Which code will get me to the back and forth to Filemaker with full functioning Custom Web Publishing best & fastest?


Can/should I attempt to do it all with JavaScript? should I just hush up and learn PHP? hahaha!