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Pasting into tooltip field results in error

Question asked by NBusch on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by TSGal

Product and version (e.g. FileMaker Pro 14.0.3) Pro Advanced

OS and version Windows 10 Enterprise 1703



Pasting a multiline calculation into the tooltip field of the inspector will paste only the first line


How to replicate

Copy a calculation with more then one line using Ctrl-C. e.g.


Case( not IsEmpty(Familie::_fk_Klinik) ;

Familie.Klinik::Name  & ¶  &

Familie.Klinik::Adresse & ¶ &

"-----------" & ¶  &



In layout mode, click on any field. Bring up the inspector, section "position". Click in the field "Tooltip". Press Ctrl-V or right-click and select "insert". The tooltip will only contain the line "Case( not IsEmpty(Familie::_fk_Klinik) ;"


Workaround (if any)

Use the "Specify calculation" dialog to paste the tooltip