DYMO Mobile Labeler + iPad

Discussion created by J_File on Sep 18, 2017
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I am hoping that I can somehow do this ....


I want to be able to send labels to print from FIleMaker Go using an iPad to a DYMO label printer. It looks like this MobileLabeler


MobileLabeler | Dymo    


should do the trick, but I am not altogether sure how I would go about integrating it into FileMaker.


Before I purchase one of these, I wonder if anyone can just let me know if they think it is going to be possible to print directly to this from FileMaker? I would have a button that would generate the required information to go into the label that would then be sent to the DYMO printer (all this without having to do anything in the DYMO app itself).


Not looking for extended instructions, as I am sure I can work it out, just need to know that "in theory" it can work?


It is important to get this to work from an iPad (but also from a PC as well which should be straightforward) as it will be used by engineers in the field.


Thanks, J