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I want to move up and down portal using keyboard arrow keys

Question asked by andyk3005 on Sep 18, 2017
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I have a file containing properties (100,000 records) and a file containing jobs relating to these properties (750,000 records).  I have a number of selection criteria for a property search.   I want to return the results as a list and be able to scroll up and down the list displaying the related jobs in a portal.   Displaying the related jobs is straight forward. If I didn’t have so many property records I could copy the property file relate it through a Cartesian join on a global field (calculation -= 1) and filter.   However the filter on the portal takes considerable time to return a result for 100,000 records whereas a find is much faster.   I wonder why the results of a find cannot be displayed in a portal?   You would think that would be straight forward. The only other alternative that I know is to display a list view in a window next to the search criteria and select one record from that and repeat the selection when you wish to select another property from the returned list.    This is an extremely “clunky” process and the list view is not a desirable view for standard users.  If anyone can suggest an improved method I would be grateful.