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Save as PDF produces broken PDFs (image broken?)

Question asked by mrwatson-gbs on Sep 18, 2017
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Our customer is experiencing intermittent problems with FileMaker creating invalid PDFs (Scripted Save as PDF).


It seems to occur first only after several PDFs have been saved to disk, from (maybe) the 5th PDF ... maybe the 20th PDF.


The PDF cannot be opened in Acrobat, however, it CAN be opened in the browser - Firefox - which helps localise the Problem, because it only fails to render the broken bits. It seems to be the (header + footer logo) images, which are being incorrectly formed:


Broken PDF.png


Once the error has occurred, the problem remains; no more PDFs can be created, until FileMaker is restarted, after which saving to PDF is once again fine … for a while.


The problem has occurred on various client machines, on various printouts, and no pattern has appeared other than it occurs first after several PDFs have been printed, and always seems to be the logos which are broken. => Could indicate some kind of memory leak?




I am unable to recreate the error.


TSGal  I have however two copies of an invoice, one fine, one broken, which I can send, which may provide insight into what is going wrong.



Suspicion - broken images


This may be related to another problem we have experienced with images in solutions updated from FM11.


[Aside: My colleague who performs our update process has informed me that after converting an fm11 file to fm15 (or 16) and then performing an import into an empty file, some images may be broken, and need to be exported + reimported into the FM11 file, before the update process begins, in order to avoid the problem ... I shall report this separately, when I have more data.]


I have copied + pasted the logo images into the DB again, but this seems not to have has any effect. Nevertheless, the fact that the images are not rendering properly gives me reason to believe, that these issues may be related.


Another reason for believing the image data may be at fault, is because the user did not have this problem in the test version of the database before we undertook the data-update. Our updates ONLY change the data in the database, by importing the live data from a previous version.



...I would be grateful for any help on this issue.

Is anybody having similar problems?