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Update Web Viewer from Active Portal Row Data

Question asked by craig157 on Sep 18, 2017
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Hi All,


I've set up a Portal that has about 100 records in it containing fields such as CompanyName, Address1, AddressTown & AddressPostcode.


I also have a WebViewer container than I plan to have just GoogleMaps running from.

I've enabled 'Active Row State' on the portal as these records are not to be edited but to be used to load other information.

I wrote a Script like below:

I've entered the variables into the calculation field of the WebViewer.

I tried setting the above script on the script triggers for the portal but didn't seem to update.


I've used Active Row State as I didn't want the user to have to click a button within the portal line to update the data outside of the portal.


My question is - how do I update the Data used in the WebViewer using the data from the Active Portal Row State?


I plan to have other portals that will be on the same layout that update additional information but hopefully this will shed some light on what I am doing wrong..