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Some Clients cant access FMS 16

Question asked by firebase on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by firebase

Again I have problems acessing some Datbases after I upgrade from FMS from 15 to 16.

Weird thing is that one PC has acess, but the others can't. The one that has access is FM16Pro while the other are FM14Pro.

I did not changed anything but deinstalling the server and reseeting all values exactly from screenshoots as its was before.


I checked all firewalls and ports also deactivated all firewalls, nothing. Also on the server its not rejecting acess there is just nothing hapening.

Also I have a starter file, that has scripts that can start the server files directly wich works with user Admin and Pass. This is also not working on the other machines.


I really have no idea what else to do.