Script Filemaker to insert a file from a different local server

Discussion created by Philip_Jaffe on Sep 18, 2017
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This may be a newbie question, maybe not, but I have not done this before.


I am working on a system at a doctor's office which has a FileMaker server machine (MacMini FMS 16) and there is also another MacMini server with shared folders for the office.


On the second Mac Server (not FMS), the office stores all of the PDFs that are generated for their patients which need to be faxed to insurance companies etc.  My job is to integrate the RC2FM (RingCentral) connector, which I have done successfully.  BUT...


I need to write a script which can access the PDF file stored on the other server, in order to fax the PDF.  This is a legacy system, and I am not sure why they are not just using FileMaker to manage the PDFs in the first place, but they are not.


Both machines are on the same local network, and I have their IP addresses and admin credentials.  Is it possible to point FileMaker to a file on the other server in order to place it in a temp container so that I can fax it out?


FMPAdv 16

FMServer 16 (MacMini B)

Other Server (MacMini A)