Layout Object Inspector's Vast Memory Use

Discussion created by hschlossberg on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by TSGal

FMPA16 - Windows 7


Opening FM16's Layout Object Inspector (LOI) uses a LOT of memory each time you open it, and it doesn't seem to release that memory when closed.


On a very basic 6/7 object layout, opening the LOI adds about 4 mb of memory use.  Closing LOI sometimes returns me 1-2 MB and sometimes nothing.


Opening a more typical layout (about 100 objects) adds about 25mb of memory use each time I open it, but upon LOI closing only releases from 0 to 3 mb.  Switching layouts (in layout mode with LOI open) causes similar increases and only very small eventual decreases.  I can EASILY run FMPA's memory past a gb just in the normal course of development use over a couple hours.


I happen to be using CTRL-ALT-T to open and close the LOI, though I don't think that makes a difference.