making a portal based "picker"

Discussion created by JoeSand on Sep 19, 2017
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My database takes the form of an automotive repair order, like an invoice.  The main layout is the "repair order" table, and contains the customer and vehicle info at the top, from "customer" and "vehicle" tables, and repair order line items in a portal.

I'm wanting to streamline filling in the Customer information... this could be a new customer, or is could be an existing customer already in the database.  The repair order has a single key field for the customer's ID when then displays all the related customer data.

So, my first solution took the user to a Customer layout where they can use a quick-find field that narrows down the list of customers as you type, then clicking on the customer will take them back to the RO and enter the customer ID.

The problem is that, leaving the repair order is confusing.  I'm generally finding that the user interface works best is stays on the repair order and all other data and functions are available in popovers.  I've tried a number of ways for the user to open a popover with a customer list portal, and allows a similar kind of search to be done, i.e. typing into a search field (a global) and having the list narrow down as you type.

I've tried some fancy relationships, played with the portal filtering, but haven't been able to make this happen.  Any ideas?

If I understand "cards" correctly, this would probably be the path to take, but I'm on FMPA 15...