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Dynamic relationship using global values to Self

Question asked by sccardais on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by chrisgrewe

I have a customer survey database that contains over 5,000 records. Each record has a text field of comments submitted by our customers. This field normally contains less than 100 words but can go as high as 200.


The Comments are submitted in free form, unstructured text so I'd like to make it easier to view all records that relate to certain themes based on keywords. For example, to find comments related to "complexity", I may want to search for "difficult," "easier", "confusing", "friendly", "complicated", etc. These are all essentially the same issue. I could search on each word individually but I thought it would be much easier to type these values into a global match field.


To do this, I created a global text field Surveys::g_match-words and a relationship to Surveys_Self where Surveys::g_match_words = Surveys_Self::Comments.


So far, this hasn't worked.


On a layout based on Surveys, I added a portal to Surveys_Self. Typing return separated words into the Surveys::g_match_words doesn't show any records in the portal.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.