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Script triggered  on WebDirect failing to do some script steps

Question asked by tcwaters on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by tcwaters

I have an issue that I must be missing something really basic, but I can't understand what is going wrong with a script I have.


The script is supposed to set some fields, then send some emails, then display a CDB that says that it was successful. The script is attached to a button.


The workflow is:

user logs in and is directed to a list based on their group (student or faculty)

Faculty selects row in list and goes to detail of record

Faculty clicks "approve button"


If I click the button in FMPro, fields are set, emails sent, and CDB displayed.

If I click the button in WebDirect, fields are NOT set, but emails are sent and CDB is displayed


The script steps not happening are just "Set Field" which ought to be fully compatible with WebDirect.


I thought perhaps the issue was the database doesn't know what record to set the fields on, but the detail of the record displays correctly and shows the correct record ID. Record count in the header shows 1 record, so I think it is on the correct record.


I'm baffled.



FMPro Adv

Safari 10.1.2