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Strange problem with scripted find in Webdirect

Question asked by MatteoKrings on Sep 20, 2017
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my solution is open to users via Webdirect and they can trigger some scripted searches on their layouts.

Almost everytime this works correctly, but sometimes they seem to overwrite data instead of searching for it. So it is a bit difficult to reproduce this.

To me, it looks as if Find mode is not always correctly activated and therefore the following Set Field steps overwrite data. I come to this solution, because:

  • It is only the first record that has some data changed.
  • The fields containing this data are only used in one script together with a Set Field step.
  • The script is pretty straightforward:
    • Enter Find Mode
    • Go to Layout
    • Set Field x
    • Set Field y
    • New Request
    • Set Field x
    • Set Field y
    • Perfom Find


I remember having the same problem in another solution, where data was overwritten only occasionally in similar circumstances (webdirect, scripted find) and I "solved" it by using:

  • Start Loop
  • If  (Find Mode is active)
    • Set Field
  • End If
  • Exit Loop if Find mode is active
  • Perform Find


Have you ever experienced something like this? Is it possible that sometimes Find mode is not activated correctly and the Set Field steps are performed? Any other suggestions?