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Go to related record form portal row

Question asked by on Sep 20, 2017
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Hello every.


I have a customers table and customer contacts table with a relationship.




On customer table I have portal which shows customer contacts. All works.


What I wanted to do is when I click on portal row, it shows card layout and details of clicked record.


So I created another layout (customer contact | Edit card layout); based on the customers. I put some some field from customer contact using field picker since both table are joined.


On the portal row; I have single action, which is go to related record; using current layout; show record from customer contact | Edit card layout and show as card window and find related records.


It works but it shows me the record details of the first row of portal.


It does not show me the details of clicked record. It always shows me the details of first row of the contact portal.



Can anybody help me with how I can click portal row; and card layout appear which shows more details of that clicked row.


Many Thanks.